How to protect and set up your new Santa Fe home from afar? It’s easy with Lotus Home Management. We’ll facilitate all your relocation needs.


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+ Setting up local Utilities & Accounts

Lotus helps to facilitate the set up and activation of your local utilities, providing access and oversight as needed.

+ Insurance

  • Some insurance companies will not insure a second home unless the homeowner hires a professional to regularly inspect the home.
  • Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to second homeowners when the homeowner hires a management company such as Lotus.
  • Lotus facilitates insurance company Appraisals and inspections by providing access for the agent, answering questions on site, etc.

+ Shipping and receiving

  • Ship your items to the Lotus mailing address and Lotus will deliver them to your home at no charge. Lotus can also unpack boxes, place items to your specs, and dispose of all packing materials.
  • Why ship using our complimentary shipping service and address? Packages unattended outside are subject to weather, theft and other unknown situations.
  • Lotus will receive furniture and larger items at your home, will inspect all shipped items, and provide photographic documentation of any damage.

+ Full Housecleaning services

  • Initial deep cleaning
  • Regular maintenance cleaning
  • Pre-arrival and Post-departure
  • Windows and skylights
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Carpets and floors
  • This is a subcontracted service not included in plan pricing

+ Contractors and professionals

  • Lotus can facilitate all work that results from a real estate inspection report, a remodeling project, or just basic repairs and maintenance work. Services include getting multiple bids, negotiating best price, scheduling, providing access and oversight, reviewing contractors’ invoices prior to final payment, photographic documentation, and progress reports.
  • Clients have full access to and will benefit immeasurably from our coveted affiliations with Santa Fe’s finest, most respected professionals
  • Lotus does not mark up any subcontracting services; we simply connect the dots for you and facilitate the work to your specifications.
  • Lotus preferred subcontractors can often provide priority response and discounts to Lotus clientele.
  • Contracting services include but are not limited to: electrical, plumbing, roof repair, landscape design and maintenance, stucco repair, carpentry, pest control, access control, video cameras, security systems, etc.

+ Pre arrival and post departure services

Services include but are not limited to: pre-arrival inspections, full concierge services, pre-arrival grocery shopping, house cleaning, auto transport to/from Santa Fe airport, errands, disposal of trash, security checks… and so much more.

+ Weekly and monthly reports

  • Detailed weekly inspections help to avoid potential disasters
  • Immediate action is taken as needed for home repairs
  • Enhanced security protection for your home
  • Monthly reports with ongoing communications

+ Comprehensive home manual

Lotus can create a comprehensive home manual that will prove to be an invaluable archive forevermore including all subcontractor receipts and invoices, photos, mechanical and appliance inventory, manuals and warranties, subcontractor contact list, etc.

+ Support services for relocating to Santa Fe

Looking to simply move here, get settled, then no longer require our services? No problem. We are happy to ensure your move to Santa Fe is met with logistical support and connections with the most respected professionals Santa Fe has to offer.


When you join lotus, you benefit from our skilled logistical ability to support you in working with the best, handpicked, proven, and respected professionals for some of the following services:

Audio/visual electronics
Home theatre
Security systems
Camera surveillance
Handyman services

Wood staining/sealing
Pest control
Pool and spa services
Snow removal/plowing services
Landscape installation and maintenance
Masonry stone work
House cleaning
Window cleaning
Debris and trash removal

I first started working with Lauren in 2009 and have worked with her in two different, equally important capacities - Home Management as well as Relocation Services. For many years the Lotus team provided weekly inspections, maintenance and loving care for my Santa Fe home. I always rested assured while absent from the home. For instance, there were some critical issues which might have become calamitous if Lotus had not quickly identified and remediated them.

When I decided to sell my property in 2019 Lotus was invaluable in helping navigate the complex processes of the real estate transaction. From hiring an estate appraiser and a trusted moving company, to facilitating some unexpected and significant home repairs that were needed, to labeling what furniture had to be moved to which city, overseeing the moving process and scheduling a detailed housecleaning, Lotus saved the day and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for all of their efforts. I don’t know what I would have done without them, as I could not have possibly have handled it all from TX. Lotus successfully met a critical deadline and the buyers were delighted to move in to a clean, beautiful, happy home.

I am forever thankful for Lotus as they clearly care about their clients, and take great pride in providing exceptional levels of service.

In my opinion Lotus is the leader in their industry.
— Chuck N. ~ client since 2009